Vacant PhD Position in Core project Q01

Core project Q01 is searching for a highly motivated PhD student.

The PhD project is based at the Institute for Experimental Molecular Imaging (ExMI) that is specialized on the research of several diseases using innovative imaging techniques. The aim of the interdisciplinary PhD project is to investigate the intestinal barrier and the gut-liver axis using multimodal imaging, in particular fluorescence-based computed tomography (µCT-FMT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRT), using novel contrast agents. The PhD project is integrated into the CRC1382 associated graduate school ‘Gut-Liver Axis’.

If you are interested in this PhD position, please contact Dr. Stefanie Rosenhain via E-mail (

Further information: PhD position – project Q01 (in English); Doktorarbeit – Projekt Q01 (in German)