A09: Role of the gut microbiome in the decompensation of chronic liver disease with portal hypertension

Chronic liver diseases (CLD) with portal hypertension are associated with profund shifts in the gut microbiota and an impaired gut barrier. These changes facilitate microbial translocation and concommittant systemic inflammation and thus favor severe complications summarized as decompensation.

In this project we

  • aim at identifying bacteria translocating from the gut into the portal circulation bypassing and/or trespassing the liver and eventually entering the systemic circulation
  • analyze the interactions of specific translocating microbes or components thereof with immune cells and liver cells in vitro
  • study interventions to abrogate their effect in murine models
  • translate our findings into the human situation using probes obtained in clinical studies.

Our project will identify specific members of the micobiota involved in the decompensation of chronic liver disease and mechanisms involved. It will contribute to developing treatment strategies to prevent this pathology.

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