B05: Impact of gut-liver communication on hepatic macrophage composition and function

The function of DC is intertwined with the function of macrophages; in fact many macrophage subsets express MHC class II and are thought to act as antigen-presenting cells. We hypothesize that alterations of the gut-liver axis affect the composition and function of hepatic macrophages. We will decipher the mechanisms of how gut-derived signals modulate hepatic macrophage function.

In this project we will

  • define the impact of gut-derived signals on the origin and differentiation of hepatic macrophage subsets in homeostasis and inflammation.
  • identify the molecular mediators of the gut-liver axis acting on hepatic macrophages and the functional consequences on immune mechanisms in homeostasis and liver diseases.
  • characterize the impact of gut-derived signals on macrophage activation in patients with or without liver diseases.

Involved scientists

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