Research data management (RDM) activities at the CRC are supplemented by a data management specialist (50% position in the administrative project Q04). This role serves two main functions: Firstly, the data manager is responsible for the coordination and development of all data management efforts within CRC 1382. Secondly, the data manager serves as a link between the university’s RDM team and the CRC to ensure long-term compatibility of institutional strategies and CRC’s needs regarding data management and its underlying infrastructure.

“Organized data management is a strategic goal of CRC 1382.”

Dr. Lukas C. Bossert

Data Steward

IT Center @ RWTH Aachen University
Tel.: + 49 241 80-29280


This is an overview of the newsletters for the CRC 1382 in which regularly topics regarding (good) research data managements are discussed.

The information provided are selected by the data steward Dr. Lukas C. Bossert.
They are tailored to meet the standards and requirements of the UKA and RWTH.