Q01: Non-invasive imaging of gut, liver and their communication

Core project Q01 provides a large array of imaging techniques to all PIs involved in CRC1382 to deepen the understanding of the dynamics of inter-organ communication. Available techniques include MRI, contrast-enhanced CT, molecularly-targeted ultrasound as well as optical and nuclear imaging. These techniques facilitate a noninvasive characterization of bowel and liver tissues in vivo, including measuring tumor growth, vascularization, angiogenesis, inflammation, and enzyme activities in liver, colon, and bile duct.

In particular, Q01 aims at establishing MRI-FMT, a novel versatile hybrid imaging approach integrating Fluorescence Molecular Tomography (FMT) and MRI. This technique will allow assessment of different barriers and transport processes of the gut-liver axis in healthy and pathological states. Automated organ segmentation will be implemented to enable unbiased analysis. Kinetic models will be developed to derive robust and physiological parameters.

Q01 offers state-of-the-art imaging services and develops new imaging techniques tailored to meet the needs of many projects of CRC1382.

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