B06: Topology and function of secretory antibodies in gut-liver communication

The gut comprises the body’s largest plasma cell populations, mostly producing antibodies of the IgA isotype that are secreted into the gut lumen. However, IgA-secreting plasma cells are also present in the liver and IgA is secreted into bile.

Our team studies the interrelation between hepatic and intestinal plasma cells.

In this project we will

  • investigate the clonal relatedness of plasma cells in both organs,
  • track B cell migration from inductive compartments into gut and liver
  • explore the microbiota-specificity of plasma cells from both organs.
  • investigate the role of antibodies in shielding gut, liver and systemic compartments from disseminating microbiota and analyze the contribution of biliary compared to gut-derived IgA during this process.

Our findings will cast a comprehensive picture of how secretory antibodies regulate gut-liver interactions.

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