Gut, Liver and Friends Seminar with Prof. Julia Stingl

Prof. Julia Stingl and Prof. Mathias Hornef

Prof. Julia Stingl, the newly recruited director of the Institute of Clinical Pharmacology at RWTH Aachen University, was our seminar guest on 4thof March 2020.

Julia Stingl talked about ‘The Pharmacological Gut-Liver Interaction: Implications on Personalized Drug Therapy and Dosing’. She introduced us in the importance of personalized therapeutics due to an individualized expression of so called ‘pharmacogenes’ which play a big role in drug uptake and metabolization. Beside the patient´s genetics, the microbiota of the patient could have a major impact due to the huge diversity of genes provided by the commensals which can have an important influence on the uptake, bioavailability and processing of drugs.


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