Graduate school CRC1382 ‘Gut-Liver Axis’: first clinical rotations were a full success

PhD students being part of the graduate school ‘Gut-Liver Axis’ are offered tailored laboratory rotations, soft skill courses and as a unique feature clinical rotations. Those clinical rotations are meant to strengthen the translational aspect of the scientific question persued within the CRC and are therefore of high importance. Furthermore it allows the natural scientists to gain insight in the daily clinical work and sample recovery.

In cooperation with the Clinic for Gastroenterology, Metabolic Diseases and Internal Intensive Care Medicine (Medical Clinic III), clinical rotations could be offered the first time this year for graduate students enrolled in the graduate school ‘Gut-Liver Axis’. The students have had the chance to either attend a round in the gastroenterological intensive care unit or being present at an endoscopy. The feedback at the end of the rotations was very positive from both sides – clinicians and PhD students, so we are very much looking forward to repeating those next year again.

PhD student being ready for a round at IM08:

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