CRC1382 graduate students continue with successful poster presentation

Ümran Ay received 3rd prize for her poster presentation at International Bile Acid Meeting 2022. © Falk Foundation e.V. 2022

Our CRC1382 graduate students continue with the successful presentation of their work. Thus, Ümran Ay – member of the A07 project and supervised by Frank Schaap – received the 3rd prize for her poster presentation during the 26th International Bile Acid meeting (Falk symposium 229). This meeting was held in Amsterdam beginning of July 2022.

Specifically, the Bile Acid Meeting dealt with bile acid research focusing on the functions of bile acid transport and signaling in health and disease, role of bile acids in tumor development and interaction of bile acids with the microbiome, using bile acids derivatives as therapeutic strategies etc.

The work she presented was about recently discovered new class of bile salt metabolites comprising bile salts that are N-amidated with non-canonical amino acids by gut microbes. The function of these microbial bile salt conjugates (MBSCs) and their relevance for human (patho)physiology is unresolved. Ümran investigated if the MBSCs can activate host bile salt receptors, and explored whether they enter the circulation.

For Ümran the meeting was a full success in every sense. “I really enjoyed the Falk symposia where I was able to meet other bile acid enthusiast and exchange with other bile acid researchers.”, she says. We congratulate her and wish her a favourable outcome of her future work.

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