CRC1382 graduate school retreat 2022

On 17th/18th of May, PhD students from CRC1382 graduate school gathered together for retreat at inspiring surrounding of Kasteel Vaalsbroek. It was about time that the doctoral candidates met in person for an intensive scientific exchange. This has not been possible in such an extend due to pandemic. The discussions had been very vivid and intense, which showed that such an exchange amongst the students was more than overdue.

Although scientific discussions were an important part of the retreat, fun teambuilding events should not be neglected. After first two poster sessions it was time for the first event. Everyone enjoyed the summery weather and beautiful scenery of Kasteel Vaalsbroek’s spacious garden during the GPS adventure tour. Riddles were solved, paintings drawn and fame and honor gained. After this refreshing teambuilding, last two poster sessions served the scientific purpose again.

To further strengthen the team spirit, a second event took place after dinner. Within an hour it was meant for everyone to learn a traditional Maori dance – the Haka. The mission for everyone to get to know each other better was a full success.

A packed but great day ended in a relaxing manner with a few drinks at the bar.

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