CRC1382 members at their retreat

CRC1382 members at their retreat in 2021, (c) C. Meier/CRC1382

We welcome you to our first International Symposium “Gut-Liver Axis: Functional Circuits and Therapeutic Targets”.

Our goal is a comprehensive understanding and modelling of the Gut-Liver Axis. This will allow for the development of innovative diagnostic tools and interventional strategies and improve patient care.

This symposium will bring together more than 100 researchers at RWTH Aachen University. Lectures, poster sessions and social activities will provide the framework for a comprehensive exchange of ideas among all participants on the various facets of the intestinal-liver axis. Topics include diseases of the gut-liver axis, the role of microbiota and metabolites, approaches of computational modelling of the gut-liver axis, the impact of bile acids as well as immune circuits.

Talks by international renowed invited speakers as well as PIs from within our Consortium will be complemented by short talks from our PhD students as well as extensive poster sessions. This will facilitate an exchange of data, concepts and ideas and foster scientific collaborations.

We are convinced that the venue in the heart of Aachen and RWTH Aachen University will contribute to the success of the symposium and we are looking forward to exciting days dedicated to science.

Topics and Programme