“Our Microbiome – the invisible extinction“ –

Special cinema screening with discussion, moderated by CRC1382 PIs Oliver Pabst and Tom Clavel


In the documentary “Our Microbiome – The Invisible Extinction”, filmmakers Steven Lawrence and Sarah Schenck accompany the two microbiologists Gloria Dominguez-Bello and her husband, Martin Blaser who travel the world on a mission to preserve and restore the diversity of microorganisms. In dialogue with other scientists they explore the options to treat and prevent diseases caused by an imbalance in the microbiota.

The topic of microbiota is on everyone’s lips. This can also be seen from the fact that so many tickets were sold in advance for this show on a Friday evening that the film could be shown in the large auditorium instead of the small studio.

After the film, Thomas Clavel and Oliver Pabst from our CRC were on hand to answer questions from the audience in a good-humoured and, of course, knowledgeable manner. The audience was keen to discuss a wide variety of aspects relating to the microbiome – from the responsible use of antibiotics in the food industry and clinics, to the benefits of probiotics and future scenarios for the targeted modulation of the microbiota to prevent and treat diseases. After more than an hour, most of the questions have been answered and the audience and organizers went into the weekend satisfied.