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On Wednesday, 20.09.2023 at 12:30, Tim Rollenske will be the speaker of our ‘GutLiver and Friends‘ seminar.

Prof. Dr. Tim Rollenske is Junior Professor and Group Leader at the Institute of Molecular Medicine and Experimental Immunology at the Medical Faculty of Bonn University.

The Rollenske Lab is interested in how B cells and their antibodies control the diverse commensal microorganisms that are present at mucosal surfaces and protect from infection by pathogens at mucosal sites.

We use human samples and germ-free or gnotobiotic mouse models that possess a microbiota with defined composition of bacterial strains. These reductionist models allow us to address our questions at mechanistic and molecular detail. We pair those models with single cell B cell receptor repertoire analysis and monoclonal antibody testing to functionally define how the humoral immune system contributes to a mutualistic host-microbe relationship.

The title of the talk is: ‘Targets of intestinal IgA’.