‘Gut–liver axis: barriers and functional circuits’ – Key findings and concepts of our CRC published in nature reviews gastrenterology & hepatology

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nature reviews gastroenterology & hepatology:  'Gut-liver axis: barriers and functional circuits'   On behalf of our entire consortium, our spokesperson Oliver Pabst (B06, Q04), Mathias W. Hornef (B01, Q03), Frank Schaap (A07), Thomas Clavel (A05, Q02), Vuk Cerovic (B03) and Tony Bruns (B07) have summarised central [...]

Clinical rotations at CRC1382 graduate school ‘Gut-Liver Axis’

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Graduate school CRC1382 ‘Gut-Liver Axis’: first clinical rotations were a full success PhD students being part of the graduate school ‘Gut-Liver Axis’ are offered tailored laboratory rotations, soft skill courses and as a unique feature clinical rotations. Those clinical rotations are meant to strengthen the translational aspect of the scientific question persued [...]

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