What can the NFDI4Microbiota do for you?

The vision of the NFDI4Microbiota consortium is that researchers in microbiology (including bacteriology, virology, protistology, mycology and parasitology) can translate omics data easily into a deep understanding of microbial species and their interactions on a molecular level.


The support of the community through education and training is an important goal of the NFDI4Microbiota. The consortium offers a number of trainings on a variety of subjects from Research Data Management to programming and specific experimental procedures. Please click here to see a list of current training opportunities as well as past trainings.


The consortium has developed a number of workflows, tools, and standards that are available for use by the public. Take a look at some of the resources developed by the NFDI4Microbiota below:

  • A Snakemake workflow for assembling bacterial genomes according to the standard operating procedure in the Clavel Lab. Please click here for more information.
  • HiBC website: A Shiny Application to allow the interactive exploration and retrieval of data and metadata from the Human intestinal
  • The Human intestinal Bacterial Collection (HiBC) is a collection of bacterial strains, isolated from the human gut for which 16S rRNA gene sequences, genome sequences and culture conditions are made available to the research community. Click here for more information on Genome Sequences and click here for information on 16S rRNA gene sequences.
  • Protologger is an all-in-one genome description tool, aimed at simplifying the process of gathering the data required for writing protologues. This includes providing; taxonomic, functional and ecological insights.


The Helpdesk answers all kinds of questions and issues regarding data management and data analysis as well as queries about the NFDI4Microbiota consortium, services, outreach, community activities, and more.

Fill out the contact form or send us an email at helpdesk@nfdi4microbiota.de

Consortial Partner

Tom Clavel (PI of A02 and Q02) is part of the NFDI4Microbiota as well as the CRC-1382 and is contributing as spokesperson representing RWTH Aachen University as co-applicant.

Maja Magel is a project coordinator for the NFDI4Microbiota based with the AG Clavel group at the UKA.

Dr. Charlie Pauvert is a post-doctoral fellow and bioinformatician with the NFDI4Microbiota based with the AG Clavel group at the UKA.

Catherine Gonzalez is the data steward for both the CRC-1382 and the NFDI4Microbiota.

Please click here for more information regarding the AG Clavel group.

(source: nfdi4microbiota.de)

This is the newsletter of the CRC 1382 in which regularly topics regarding (good) research data managements are discussed.

The information provided are selected by the data steward Dr. Lukas C. Bossert.
They are tailored to meet the standards and requirements of the UKA and RWTH.

If you think that the tips and tricks provided do not fit to your data I would be happy to discuss it and take a look at your data and its organization.